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Daisies, Daisies, Daisies

Back by popular demand;-) Here are some more of the vibrant daisies.  This is the perfect focal point for a room that needs a little extra color and cheeriness. This painting is 24×30.

Sold out- Click here to commission artwork

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2 Responses to Daisies, Daisies, Daisies

  1. Julie Sanders July 26, 2015 at 8:30 pm #

    I would like to purchase the 3 daisies print. The colors appear to be red, orange and yellow, is that accurate? I couldn’t find this particular print in the shopping section of your art. Can you help?


    Jenny Reply:

    Hi there, Julie! I would love to paint you one like this. I do not have an original made already, but you can commission one, and I’ll paint it however you want! The colors are red, orange, and yellow, but I can make one to match any colors that you love:) I’ll send you an email, and we can discuss size and prices!


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