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Painting for Anita Eddings

Mark Eddings asked me to paint something for his mom for Mother’s Day.  He wanted it to celebrate the life of his Dad. Mr. Steve was a much-loved member of our church that passed away a couple years ago.  Since this painting was very symbolic, I think I’ll take a minute to tell you about it.

The border is acanthus.  This motif has been used since antiquity on memorial art, especially mourning jewelry.  That’s why the border is gold, I wanted it to look like an old piece of mourning jewelry.  It comes from ancient Greece and means “heavenly garden.” The ivy represents marriage and the pansies represent “loving remembrance.” They of course are in the shape of a cross.

Memorial Painting

My favorite touch is the sheet music in the background.  I gave our minister of music a call and found out some of the songs Mr. Steve used to sing at church. The anchor is the most important part.  I couple months before he died, he did a testimony for our church via recording.  He spoke of how much he loved us all and urged us to make sure we were anchored to the cross.


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