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September Art Lessons

I’m so behind on my blog!

I believe we’ll lump September’s art lessons together.

The beautiful weather makes it so great to start working outside!

During the first two lessons we worked on some really cute chalk boards to go with our back-to-school theme.  The kids started with wooden plaques and got a chance to explore some new media.

First we crackled the background, giving the boards an ages look.  Crackle medium is one of my new favorite toys:-)

We also sectioned off areas and filled them in with chalkboard paint.

We layered patterned paper daisies and buttons to add little decorations and the girls decided that everything is better with polka dots so we added some as a finishing touch along with our names in metallic paint.

I hate I didn’t get all the girls’ pictures with their chalkboards but we were very busy that day!

During the second lesson we painted peacock feathers on little canvases.  The girls practiced drawing peacock feathers starting with an egg shape.  After painting the feathers on the canvases we added gold metallic paint and black puff paint.

The last lesson in September we started working outside in this beautiful weather! The girls drew a still life of  some sunflowers.  We learned about using “real” watercolors and color mixing.


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