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Leopard and Paisley Toms

These leopard and paisley Toms were a Christmas gift for someone that saw and loved the Toms for the Trouts on my website!  The paisley is pink, orange, and brown.  The leopard is brown and gold metallic.  I’ve been thinking of ideas to paint on mine! Get your Tom’s Painted.

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2 Responses to Leopard and Paisley Toms

  1. Cheryl schaap July 1, 2014 at 9:44 am #

    I libe your paintings, my mother is an artist.
    I love the feel of starry night. I am a little punk rock but I’m 36 so it’s townes down a bit. I would love the leopard pIsley print. I have bD feet frm an accident and toms fit the bill.
    I will look into some other atttactive colors or ideas stemming frm artwork. Keep it up please!


    Jenny Reply:

    Thank you! I think Starry Night Tom’s would be awesome:)


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