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March Art Lessons 2012

My girls have informed me that they are going to kill me.

Yep. Because apparently I don’t do the best job of showcasing their natural beauty in the photos I post to my blog:)

Having said that, I’ve been looking over their photos this month and they all are lovely!

So there.

We started off with a little colored-pencil 101. We practiced different techniques of burnishing, layering, and blending.

The girls showed a lot of interest and aptitude in colored pencil so we got everybody a nice set and continued working with them on a daisy still-life.

After drawing the daisies we applied an acrylic wash. We then worked back on top of them with colored pencils.

I must brag on my girls because they have gone from spending 15-20 minutes on each project to spending two and three lessons on a project.

Very dedicated!

We have just started working on large daisy paintings.  It’s SPRING!!!  So be looking for all sorts of bright cheerful things to come.

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