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I’d Love Your Feedback. . .

Yesterday I went art supply hunting. I always try to order art supplies in bulk from discount suppliers, but who can resist a little time with Hobby Lobby?

Also I had LOTS of help. Jennifer is a long-time friend and she also brought along her sister and three new friends: her precious son and twin girls.

I came home with a stack of canvases and some wire and glass beads for art lesson projects. I also came home thinking that I REALLY need a little girl:)

Here are some thoughts rolling around in my head about my blog.  Feedback appreciated. . .

1. Featuring guest designers, artists and bloggers

Jennifer’s sister Elizabeth has an awesome design business.  I was just checking out her website,

I got to thinking about how I have so many friends,  both in “real” life and “blog life” that are ridiculously creative.  Maybe I should start featuring a little about the folks that surround and inspire me once a week?

2. DIY

We did the cutest project in art yesterday. What if I started featuring a few DIY projects on here?

3. Contest Prizes

I have amazing customers with awesome stories. One of the best things about my job is working with PEOPLE who have a vision!  So many times I get the sweetest feedback and some even send pictures of where the hung their new art, like these beautiful images from my new friend in Canada, Kim Pisio.

What if I hosted a contest for my customers to send in images of what they’ve done with their “Jenny Hall Art”?  What prize would you want if you won?


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