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Let’s Paint Everything Aqua!

Red has been my favorite color for a long, long time.  I still love my red kitchen, red KitchenAid appliances, red daisies, and red lipstick.  However, red has been eclipsed by my love for all things aqua!  I have a can of aqua spray paint and nothing in my house is safe.

This weekend I decided I was tired of a print hanging in my kitchen. The print is of a woman in a (red) dress. It was in a lovely (and expensive) gold antique-y frame.

First I decided I didn’t want the print at all.  I removed the glass, print, and backing. (Yes, I ripped through all of the expensive frame shop stuff-and enjoyed it)

Then I spray painted the entire thing a medium teal.  I left bits of gold showing down in the recesses.

Last I brushed a lighter aqua over the entire thing.

teal frame

I made this mosaic a couple years ago. I think it looks nice (and much brighter than the old print) propped up against my new painted frame!

teal frame

The only problem is I got spray paint droplets all over my pretty aqua manicure and pedicure.  My nails always get ruined during the week, but they have to be pretty on Sunday, bottom line.  So here is what I did while laying out on my pretty Saturday.

Aqua nails


The nail polish is Essie Turquoise and Caicos.  I used a nail (as in from a hardware store) dipped in French White to add the polka dots.  (Which craftily hid the spray paint drops:)

Here is my advice if you want to try this:  Don’t touch the nail to your fingernail.  Dip the nail head in the white and touch the paint droplet to your nail.  If you try to use the nail like a stamp, you will pick the color back up in the middle, making little doughnuts.

Topped with topcoat and Viola!  They were fancy for me and Andy to go see the Hunger Games and beautiful until art lessons today.

Happy Monday!



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