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My Semi-Artsy Easter

Here are just a few of the semi-artistic things I did this weekend while “off the clock”.

1.Dyed Easter Eggs with my favorite little boy.
Easter EggI saw all sorts of artistic things to do with eggs on Pinterest this year, but the truth is I most enjoy the traditions I remember from my childhood.  Joseph and I made crayon-resist eggs with good old-fashioned Paas.

2.Played with sidewalk chalk. . .with my favorite little boy.
Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

I’m pretty sure there are some extra letters in “Joseph” here.  Joseph got egg-shaped chalk in his basket.  My sidewalk still says “Joseph and Mommy”.

3. Coloring Sheets with my favorite little boy.  Coloring sheets

Joseph loves to sit at the counter while I bake.  Saturday I made a banana cake for my parents 48th wedding anniversary celebration.  I found these awesome “He is Risen” sheets here.

4. Now this part actually IS pretty artsy.  
fondant bird cake topper

I made these fondant Lovebirds to go on my parents’ cake. I have a love for fondant and will post some more of my cakes one of these days.  I only had yellow fondant on hand, so these little lovebirds look an awful lot like Peeps:)

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