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Seriously last minute Mother’s Day Gifts!!

Alright I should have posted these sooner, but I’m thinking if I do things seriously last minute sometimes, then just maybe you do too:)

These would be great as a gift for anybody (including yourself) but I’m thinking today they might could solve any last minute Mother’s Day dilemmas:)

The first to claim each of these will get one for $20!

Please specify which canvas.  Each of these are on a 11×14 canvas board.  They would look most fabulous if in a frame. Since they are standard-sized and painted on a canvas panel instead of a stretched canvas, you could easily find a frame. . .today;-) Both are mixed media using newsprint, patterned papers, and acrylic paint.

Blue House: Teal blue house with chocolate brown roof and orange door.  The heart is pink paisley.  The background is newsprint with white polka dots.  The quote says “Love begins at home”

Green House: Green house with striped brick-colored roof and pink striped door.  The heart is orange with pink polka dots.  The background is newsprint with white polka dots. The quote says “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

If you do not live close enough to pick up, message me and I can send you an invoice that includes shipping and a shipping estimate.

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