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High Five for Friday!

Its been a great week so here is my second High Five for Friday post!  Get out a pencil make a list.  What was awesome about your week?

1. Birthday Outing with the Hubs

Joseph was sick last weekend so all of my birthday doings were put on hold. Tuesday Andy and I were able to go have a birthday dinner AND we finally hunted down the Elvis Guitar I painted for downtown Tupelo!

painted Elvis Presley Guitar Sculpture

2. Its been a good week in CHURCH

VBS was this week! Whew. I had the sweetest third grade girls! The theme this year was “Amazing Wonders Aviation” We spent all week talking about what an amazing, powerful God we have:-) The musical is this Sunday and you can find out more about that here.

“Our Lord is great, vast in power; His understanding is infinite.” Psalm 147:5

Vacation Bible School


3. Its been a good week in ART

Talk about a change of pace! This week I didn’t paint one single thing in my art room. I worked on the set for VBS, designed a tee shirt, and met my newest art students. I also got to judge another art competition. This was even a new thing for me because the contestants were senior adults. It was really interesting to see the way these older adults, many in assisted-living, expressed themselves artistically.


4. Party like its 1984

Yay! My birthday at my Mama’s is still a really big deal. She puts out flowers and my picture on the counter every year. It may have been postponed, but I finally got my pink cake:-)

strawberry birthday cake

5. Did I mention I had a birthday?

Yes, I’m still talking about it. I’m just excited about this weekend because I get to celebrate with some of my sweet friends and my in-laws. I also plan on enjoying a little tee ball and maybe making ice cream. Have a great weekend!!!


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