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A Brief History of Joseph’s Birthday Cakes

My sweet baby boy turned SIX recently.  I can’t believe a fast he’s growing up.  I know everyone says that:-)

Joseph is the reason I started making cakes.  For a little while I made cakes for the public, but now you pretty much have to be one of my favorites to get one;-)

Since Joseph’s birthday cakes have been a semi-artsy part of my journey, I’ve decided to share.

First Birthday 

Guess How Much Fun, Joseph’s turning One! This is my first real attempt at a “fancy” cake… pre-fondant. Also here is the invitation I water-colored and my sweet one-year-old baby.

Guess How Much I Love You Cake

Guess How Much I Love You Invitation

Second Birthday

Two by two! Here is Joseph’s Noah’s Ark cake! A friend introduced me to fondant this year.  Also here is the block print invitation I made and my great big two year old.

Noah's Ark Cake

Noah's Ark Block Print

Third Birthday

For Joseph’s third birthday we had a great big farm cake!


Farm Cake Fondant

Fourth Birthday

Toy Story!  And look at those sweet curls on my baby:-)

Toy Story Cake

Fifth Birthday

Last year Joseph had a Mario Cake! Complete with Piranha Plant.

Super Mario Cake

Sixth Birthday

This year we did Spiderman!  The web was a lot of fun to ice.   Joseph struck a Spiderman pose every time he got a “strike” at the bowling alley:-)

Spiderman fondant

Have a great weekend!

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