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A Little Sunshine in my Life

Yesterday I started art lessons back for the school year.  I love the energy and creativity that comes from my kiddos! I also love how the project tied into what I worked on yesterday in the “studio.”

In this project we made a collage for the background, coordinating the colors to match what we intended to draw on top.  Here’s a picture showing Alex working on the background and drawing her flower before she paints.  This picture doesn’t do it justice to the beautiful jewel tones she combined.

flower painting and collage

Charlie decided to make his a sunshine.  The colors he combined are what make this awesome!

art lessons

I love the sunshine art that I had in my life yesterday!  Here the ‘little’ sun painting that I worked on.

sunshine painting

This enormous painting has lots of energy and movement.  The colorful sun rays dance all over the place and I love the quote.

“Let the light of your face shine upon us. . .” Psalm 4:6Scripture Art

Its not too late to sign up for art lessons!  Click here to learn more about lessons or sign up.

Click here to commission original artwork.

Click here to contact me with any questions, or leave me a comment below!

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