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iPraise Art Studio 9/5/12

Eeeeeee!  iPraise is some exciting stuff:-)  On Wednesday nights at Hillcrest, we will be doing “iPraise: Creative Worship Arts for Kids”  Kids will be able to choose between different tracks each semester.  This semester we have Art Studio, Drama, Foot Praise, and Sign Language.

There are so many ways to PRAISE our creator.  Lets teach our kids to develop the things they are GOOD at into a lifestyle of worship.

How do I use ART to honor my savior?  I’ve been an artist my entire life but it never occurred to me to struggle with that question until recently.  I hope to help some of the young artists in my life start thinking about that a lot sooner:-)

Last night in the Art Studio we started a mural about praise.  The kids traced their hands and arms onto the butcher paper and filled them with pictures and words about how they praise God using markers and oil pastels.  We will not finish this project until next week!  I’ll post finished-product pictures then.

“Do not neglect the gift that is in you…”1 Timothy 4:14

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