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My Prayer

Ok everybody. My fear has been becoming a slave to my commission work. I’m blessed to get enough “jobs” to stay busy, but I fear never growing, changing, or doing anything NEW! What has been holding me back from painting whatever inspires me? Fear: What if nobody “around here” likes it. Money: The commission jobs pay the bills. If I take “time out” to grow, it might not ever sell. Well, it is a very small step, but last week, with “jobs” stacked up that I need to do. . .I painted whatever I wanted:-D I want to transition to paint some larger things that take more of my time. . .but this was a breakthrough moment for me at least.

I took this prayer right out of my prayer journal. Yes, I keep one of those. I highly recommend it if you are someone flighty like me. . .its the only way I can focus!

“My Prayer” is acrylic, patterned papers, texture medium, pen and ink, printed scripture, and metal leaf. Hopefully the close-ups will show some of the scriptures that I’ve been relying on lately:-)

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