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Top Secret Car Mural

Here’s a little bit of the “top secret” stuff I was working on before Christmas.  This car mural was a gift for the man of the house, from his wife and kids, so for a couple months I only went and painted while he was at work, and the family kept the game-room door locked!

Each member of the large family picked a car for the wall. I won’t lie, I’m really not a car person, so I had to educate myself a little bit for this one:)  To me, they are still “the blue one” and “the yellow one.” I wish I had gotten someone to snap a picture of this pregnant little bird perched up on the ladder painting;-)  OH WELL.  Guess you’ll never get to share that laugh with me.

From left to right, I painted a First Generation Dodge Demon, a 1969 Camero, a Volvo P 1800, a 1969 Chevelle, a 1965 Fastback Mustang, a Ford XC Falcon Cobra Coupe, a 1967 Pontiac GTO, a Dodge Viper, and a Pontiac Firebird.

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