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Warm, Sunny Beach Portrait

Its cold outside.  And dreary.  I love cold, rainy days. . .for a little while.  But right about now I’m starting to dream of warm, sandy beaches:)

I painted this portrait as a Christmas gift, so it is another peak into my top-secret December.  The family had taken lots of marvelous beach pictures, but had wound up without any that showed all three grand-kids with their best smile. (imagine that.  I can’t even get a good beach portrait with my one:)  Can you blame them?  Who can stand still for a photo with the ocean calling their name?

I used the best pose from one shot, along with the best shot of each child’s face.  Aren’t these kids pretty?  I hope the painting embodies the carefree vacation, cool ocean, and warm sand.  I need a plane ticket.

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