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The Lyceum and a Game of Spot the Difference

In my defense, I didn’t go to Ole Miss. We’ll start with that before I tell you the story of how I made a really big mistake on a pretty enormous painting.

Here is the Lyceum at Ole Miss in Oxford Mississippi.  lyceum

It has lovely architecture.  Incidentally, so does the back of the Lyceum. The back has lovely, identical architecture. Well, this little Fighting Okra picked out the photo that appealed the most to my eye, one with pretty flower beds. So here is the painting. . .Back of LyceumYeah. That would be the back. Oops. So after some doctoring that was actually kind of fun, here is the finished painting.lyceumfront

In case you are still with me, here are the paintings side by side. Can you spot the differences?Spot the differences

It seams the majority of photos online of the Lyceum are of the back, due to the colorful flowers. I made prints. Click here if interested! Or, click here to commission a painting.


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