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Cute New Bulletin Boards

I have creative ADD.  It seems like all of the artsy people I know that are very successful have one thing they love enough to focus on 90% of the time. They love to paint cute things, or oil paintings, or quotes, or throw pots. I love painting. Sometimes. Sometimes there are a million other things I’d rather do. (Today, for example)

If I ignore the urge to do something different for long enough my creativity runs rather dry.  I have to make time to bake a cake, crochet a scarf, or recover a pillow.  Besides, comparison is the thief of joy:)

I just enjoyed putting up these cute bulletin boards. Ahhhhh. . .a departure from the norm! The rocket ship bulletin board is just waiting for pictures of kiddies to hang up in little star frames. The front door board just got an update:)

Speaking of departure, I also got to paint a scary octopus this week.  More on that later.

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