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Happy Halloween Bunting Printable and Tutorial

I love decorating my mantle, so I decided to make this cute Halloween bunting craft to make my fall mantle extra festive! I can imagine several other cute uses for this banner.

It would be cute on your porch for trick-or-treaters, worked into a fall garland around your door, or across your buffet for a Halloween party. I also think it would be so cute on your October bulletin board or in a classroom!

This post includes a tutorial as well as a printable you can download for only $2, making this craft incredibly simple and cheap!



1. Download and print. 

For this tutorial, you will skip the hard part and expense by using this printable I’ve already made for you.

I used a scrapbook-paper style pattern in purple, orange, and green along with an image of a vintage dictionary page.

Some of the definitions included are “half-breed,” “hallow,” and “Halloween.” Perfect!

Plus the font is extra spooky. Once you purchase you will follow the instructions to print it out.

I recommend printing on card stock so that your banner is extra sturdy!

halloween bunting

2. Cut and assemble.

Cutting out each piece carefully will make a big difference in how nice your finished product looks. Make certain not to leave any white hanging out around the edges!

Also, go ahead and lay everything out.

First check that the letters are in order, then also check that the colors follow the pattern.

This step seems obvious but I tell my art students all the time: We forget how to spell when we try to make something pretty!

fall banner


3. Punch two holes on each piece.

Try to punch them in about the same place on each piece.  I tried to punch mine just inside the border in the corners. That way it is easy to line up, and not so close to the edge that you have to worry about ripping it later.

4. String the pieces.

I used raffia with mine because I think it looks nice with my fall theme.

Go into the left hole from the front and up through the right hole from the back. That way most of the raffia or twine will go behind each piece. Your bunting will look nicest if you string each one the same way.

You have a couple options at this point. You can make one long banner, or you can make yours like mine by hanging “Happy” above “Halloween.”

fall decorating idea


5. Trim the twine.

Leave a lot of extra! You want a little wiggle room to position your bunting just like you want it! Or you can be OCD and measure out everything perfectly. Nah.

6. Hang it up! 

There are a lot of places this would look nice. I hung mine on the mantle using the stocking nails.

If you already have little nails for your Christmas stockings, that would be the spot to hang your banner! If not…put some. Its just tiny ones, it will be fine. You are going to want the Thanksgiving banner next month, anyway:)

It took a little adjusting to get my two pieces hung just right, but here is what I gleaned: Tie the first one to the nails, then the second. It would be too difficult to tie the two banners together and then hang them. Wait until they are both secured to worry about tying the tails into little bows.

Trim any extra that is hanging down and if you used raffia like me, you can fluff the little bows a bit.


I hope you love your Halloween bunting as much as I do! You can make one for yourself; you can even make another to give to a friend.

Just please don’t sell the completed or digital versions of this project:)



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