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So. . .Would this be a Bass? Check out my fish painting.

I’m a pretty bright young lady, but I honestly don’t remember what kind of fish this is. Feel free to enlighten me on the comments below! There used to be a cheeky sign near my home town that said, “Does this sign make my Bass look big?” For a brief moment I thought about playing off of that idea for my blog post title. Very brief moment.

I’ve recently enjoyed painting lots of “man art.” So much so that I had to create a new tag on my website called “man cave.”  It’s hard to switch gears but I think I do alright, don’t you?

fishing bassI enjoyed painting these. I like using thin washes of paint and crisp black outlines. I may be an illustrator deep down. Here’s a detail shot.bass painting

Is it fisherman approved? I hear the recipient loved it and that’s what matters to me! Click here to commission artwork.



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