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So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance (Jim Carrey Portrait)

Occasionally my job requires a lot of sacrifice. Like watching Dumb and Dumber to get in the proper mindset for this Jim Carrey portrait. It’s a tough job, but, you know… I do it for my art. HA!

We picked this image of Lloyd to work with because his tooth. looks. awesome. Obviously (or only obvious if you are familiar with Dumb and Dumber trivia) we didn’t match the quotation to the scene. Originally we had talked about using, “Our pets heads are falling off!” Now tell me something. Does he not look a little sleazy in this painting? It was at that realization that I called the customer back and we brainstormed the new quote.

Dumb and DumberI smiled every time I walked past the finished piece in my kitchen. You know the wife that commissioned this must be lots of fun. She said her husband loved it so. . .mission accomplished! She said I could share these great pics. Click here to commission artwork.


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