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Cocker Spaniel Portrait

I’ve mentioned before that I think people are easier to paint than animals. That’s because when you are painting a pet, it is someone’s baby. That means they know every defining feature, something that I find it harder for me to pick up on with animals. I still love it though:)

Here is my recent Cocker Spaniel portrait. This is Eaton’s Red Rider Riggins. Cocker Spaniel Portrait

Red Rider Angle shot

And here is the sweet puppy with the happy gift recipient! If someone you love needs a portrait of their baby, (and maybe it’s you) then click here to commission artwork.pic with dog and owner


2 Responses to Cocker Spaniel Portrait

  1. Carrie April 28, 2014 at 12:14 pm #

    Could not have been a more perfect gift! Thank you a million times for making this such a special birthday for Drew!


    Jenny Reply:

    So glad he loved it!


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