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Butterfly Gate Painting


094Butterfly Gate Painting

20 x 24

Acrylic, modeling paste, metal leaf


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Lately I’ve noticed myself saying, “I need a little refreshing” about various things in my life. It’s an emotion that’s a little bit hard to convey.

It’s an iced coffee, a new lipstick, a clean breeze, and a fresh hymn on my lips.

That’s the feeling that brought about my newest painting:)

I just CAN’T keep painting the same things over and over. OH I JUST CAN’T! I love everything I do but this is what happens when left to my own devices. I hope you love it.

What is it? Well. . . It’s scales falling away, a thumping rhythm, a garden gate opening, the audible rush of wings, and the gold glimmer of hope around the edges:) Am I gushing? I’m gushing. I just sooo love to paint whatever in the world I want sometimes!


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