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New to the Site: Tune My Heart Guitar String Bracelets!

I’m so excited about it. In December of 2014 I started making guitar string bracelets to give to my family for Christmas. I decided to sell off the extra supplies to help cover my expense, and Tune My Heart Guitar String Bracelets were born!guitar string card back

Several names were in the running. I considered “Secret Chord” for a long time. Some people caught the Hallelujah reference and loved them name, but others were left scratching their heads. I finally decided on “Tune My Heart.” It is from my favorite line of my favorite hymn, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”

Don’t get me wrong- I ask God to bless me all the time. But to ask Him to tune my heart to sing His grace. . .that’s something different altogether. That gets to the heart of what I really need- for Him to transform me, inside-out. When I’m not singing of His Grace, it isn’t because I need more blessing. It is because I need more tuning. It makes me think of all the times I’ve watched Andy tuning a guitar. He strums a little, tightens a little, listens a little. It makes all the difference in the world in how the music (1)

I love having something to make with my hands and I’ve discovered that I adore curating the supplies just as much. I use a lot of vintage supplies which limits availability, but also adds so much charm. One day soon I’m sure I’ll add more types of jewelry and I am still loving my time at the easel with a paintbrush. I’m so grateful to have this new creative outlet and I hope you love them! Click here to shop bracelets.

bracelet stack

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