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About Jenny

Skinny Jenny facebook coverMy name is Jenny Cochran Hall.

I come from the small town of New Albany, MS.  I grew up here as the happiest child on the planet with two amazing parents. My mom is ever-so-artsy and it became clear at an early age that I had the artsy gene as well. It takes a village to raise a child and my little village included my beloved Hillcrest Baptist Church, one fabulously supportive art teacher after another, my crafty stay-at-home-mom, my big brother who loved photography, talented piano and music teachers. . .there you go. I came by it honest, and have so many people to thank.

I majored in art education at Delta State University. I was blessed with my precious son Joseph right before my very last semester. For the next three years I stayed home with Joseph. I wouldn’t trade these years for anything in the world.

When Joseph was three and a half, I returned to school for one semester and (finally) got that degree in art! I was so blessed to quickly find a job teaching art at Rankin Elementary in Tupelo, MS.  I taught about 450 third, fourth, and fifth graders. (Whew) It was a huge challenge for me but those kiddos wound up teaching me so much.

Early in that school year my life changed dramatically.  I married my precious Andy Hall.  He’s my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. He’s such a talented musician, such a loving husband, and an amazing father. I have Andy to thank for giving me the courage and confidence to step out of my comfort zone and pursue life as an artist.

That’s about it.  I’ve been through some low times and so many changes. What you should know,however,is that with Jesus Christ the bottom of the pit is never the end of the story.  Here I find myself with the most amazing husband,son,family,and friends who (miraculously) seem to think I’m the bee’s knees. The artwork I’m making comes from the overflowing of joy that I feel and I hope it makes you smile half as much as I do:-)

***Update!***I’ve been working hard on my artsy dreams ever since I wrote this page a couple years ago.  Now I have a new business partner too.  Check out this little nugget:)IMG_4954


Audrey and I spend our time, painting, fixing bottles, blogging, changing diapers. . . life is good.