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Vintage Rhinestone Birthstone Bracelets


Bangles use special sizing!
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Product Description

Just in time for Christmas, I’ve brought back every single one of the beautiful Vintage Birthstone Bracelets. These are all vintage glass rhinestones, either vintage West German or Czech. Each is a beautiful Emerald cut on bronze guitar strings. Below is the description for each one!

1-January, deep red garnet-colored rhinestone
2-February, Amethyst purple rhinestone
3-March, Aquamarine rhinestone
4-April, Diamond is the birthstone- Clear rhinestone
5-May, Emerald green rhinestone
6-June, Alexandrite is the birthstone- This spot-on Alexandrite color ranges from lilac to periwinkle in different lights.
7-July, Ruby red rhinestone
8-August, Peridot green rhinestone
9-September, Sapphire blue rhinestone
10-October, Pink Tourmaline colored rhinestone
11-November, Golden Topaz colored rhinestone
12-December, Turquoise is the birthstone, Blue Zircon, or deep turquoise colored rhinestone

Additional Information


4.5 yr. 6″, 6-7 yr. 6.5″, XS 6.75″, S 7″, S1/2 7.25″, M 7.5″, M1/2 7.75″, L 8″, L1/2 8.5″, XL 9″

Rhinestone Color

01-Garnet, 02-Amethyst, 03-Aquamarine, 04-Diamond, 05-Emerald, 06-Alexandrite, 07-Ruby, 08-Peridot, 09-Sapphire, 10-Pink Tourmaline, 11-Topaz, 12-Turquoise/Blue Zircon


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